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About the Program
The Horticulture Program offers answers to clients who seek information on home insect and rodent control; orchard, fruit and vegetable garden care; urban windbreak, landscape and lawn maintenance; horticultural related animal damage; soil improvement; and insect, disease and plant identification.

Wildlife Control Information Tree & Shrub Information
Ground Squirrels
Pocket Gophers
Voles in Montana 
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What's Wrong With this Tree?
Pruning Deciduous Trees
Growing Spruce Trees in Montana
More Tree & Shrub Publications

Yard & Garden Publications Preserving 

Can I Grow that Here?
Planting A Successful Home Vegetable Garden
Successful Lawns
Soil Testing
More Yard and Garden Publications

Freezing Fruit
Freezing Vegetables
Home-Canning Pressures and Processing Times
More Health and Nutrition Publications


Interested in taking the Master Gardener Class?  

See the Master Gardener page or get their really helpful quarterly newsletters.


Identification & Diagnostic Services

Bring samples into the office for identification and diagnostics. If we are not able to identify or diagnose in the office we will submit the sample to the Schutter Diagnostic lab. A $3 fee will be assessed after the third sample is submitted to the lab by an individual.