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Montana Wildfire Information Directory

This project was made possible by a mini-grant from the Montana Farm Bureau Foundation.In an effort to increase community knowledge regarding wildfires and their management, preparedness for wildfire events, and assistance with the recovery process following a wildfire, this statewide directory was put together for community benefit. The Montana Wildfire Information Directory provides guidance regarding where to find information in relation to fire season outlooks, fire-specific information, fire response jurisdictions, fire restrictions, and fire recovery assistance in one easily accessible directory.

Wildfire Preparedness Kits

Wildfire Preparedness Kits to Improve Agriculture Sustainability

This project was made possible by a mini-grant from Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education. Wildfire preparedness kits are being created and distributed to help improve agricultural sustainability in rural locations across Montana. Each kit comes in an MSU Extension bag and contains:

Wildfire Preparedness Kits

Explore various aspects of wildfire in Montana.

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Natural Resource Management Plan

Lives & Landscapes - Quarterly magazine about your land.  Free online subscription.

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